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Choosing a Business Phone System? How to Find the Best One for You

Your business's phone system determines how convenient it is to communicate with clients and colleagues. Find out how to choose the best for you. A good phone system is a critical for business. In addition to making you available to your clients and potential customers, business phone lines, whether landline or VoIP, offer features      make your job easier. In addition, having a dedicated system instead of letting employees use their private phones protects your company brand, allows greater communication between departments and lets you integrate your system with common CMS software. Nearly 100 companies provide phone services to small businesses. Here are some tips for narrowing down your choices and selecting the best. Editor's Note: Looking for a for your business? If you're looking for information to help you choose the one that's right for you, use the questionnaire below to have our sister site, BuyerZone, provide you with information from a variety of vendors for…

3 Principles of Success Every Entrepreneur Needs to Adopt

The courage to leap into entrepreneurship is a waste without the resolves to see the journey through.
Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of self. The self-confidence to try something different, the self-doubt as to whether or not you’ll succeed, the self-preservation of hustling every day. It’s a complete and utter mind game. As an entrepreneur struggling to get ahead, it would be easier to get the cliff notes about what works and what doesn’t so you can adopt and apply them for yourself and save time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Since leaving the military in 2013 and co-founding my own startup, I’ve found that the principles of success on the battlefield are the same ones upon which businesses depend as well. Namely, that different people, companies, and industries define success differently but the means by which they go about succeeding -- and viewing their success through mental frameworks -- are always the same. It takes communication, decision making, teamwork, leade…

6 Insights to Increase Your Business Acumen

Learn, and use, the acronym IPGACO to cultivate better business relationships. In business, most of our focus is on what lies outside of us, but it is more important to pay attention to what lies within us and limits our ability to be effective in our profession. Whether we are communicating with others or are just having our own private thoughts, the acronym IPGACO can bring us awareness that makes all the difference between insight and oblivion. I -- Identity.We tend to identify with a particular perspective or worldview. Identity is more a physiological state than a set of notions or beliefs. Identity involves a rigid set of visceral and emotional responses to various experiences. Without even thinking, our identities determine how we function, think, act and respond. Yet, our identities can be evolved and matured by simply reflecting upon them, feeling into them and asking ourselves if this is really how we want to live our lives. Ultimately, identities limit us and suppress our insi…

Lead Like a Founder to Inspire Your Team

A clear vision and uncompromised dedication to seeing become reality are two powerful ingredients of success. Think about today’s most lucrative companies -- the Facebooks and Snapchats of the world -- and you’ll likely notice a common theme: They have founders who eat, sleep and breathe their companies’ futures. Organizations born of their creators’ clear values and visions have an edge in reaching a stronger future because vital decisions aren’t made by committee -- they were baked in to the original plan. These types of leaders also have the advantage of being able to create friction within their organizations, and even push the business in entirely new directions, without fear of reprimand.  The vast majority of corporate leaders, at least among larger companies, don’t have the benefit of ownership. That doesn’t mean we can’t adopt the mindset and style of such leaders. Here’s my advice for how to implement founder-driven leadership within your company. Make decisions like you have no…

You Sell Experiences Whether You Realize It or Not

Give your customers a stellar experience, and they are yours for life. I took my little nephew to Meadowhall (one of England's largest shopping venues) a few weeks ago. Through the usual Saturday madness, and after spending what felt like two lifetimes finding a parking spot, we decided to head over to Krispy Kreme for a doughnut or 12. Don't tell his Mum. A shopping center like Meadowhall is always busy on a Saturday, yet the traffic in one store struck me. Out of hundreds, this store was markedly busier than any other. Not only that, but the people going into that store seemed to be spending more time in there just browsing than they would in any other store. They were just playing, tinkering and really just getting a feel for the place and the products it offers. I made a mental note of that and didn't think anything more of it. A week or so later, I went to Meadowhall again, this time for a last minute birthday gift -- don't judge me. This was a late night trip. After…

2017's Best of the Best Franchises

Meet the top franchises of the year across different business categories, from pets to lodging. This story appears in the May 2017 issue of EntrepreneurSubscribe » Entrepreneur’s annual Best of the Best list celebrates the elite franchise companies that rank at the top of their industry categories in the Franchise 500. This year, a record 35 companies made this prestigious list for the first time. Some are ambitious newcomers giving the old guard a run for their money. Others are more established brands that made a steady climb to the top. All of them have something to teach about what it takes to become best in class among the competitive and evolving franchise world. We’ve highlighted just a few of their lessons on the following pages. Related: 172 New Franchise Companies Hoping to be the Next Big Thing The companies on this list appear based on their 2017 Franchise 500 rankings, which are determined by an evaluation of more than 150 data points in the areas of costs and fees, size an…