IBM Bangis, a spoken word/motivational speaker, the creator of Self Reflection is here again with yet another episode of his motivational videos titled Better Tomorrow. No matter the problems in one’s life, one has got to have faith for a better tomorrow, IBM Bangis created this video with the aim of trying to give hope to the hopeless and clue to the clueless. Here is the content and the video.

In 1878, Sir Williams Preece, a chief engineer at the British post office was quoted saying “The Americans have need of the telephone but we do not, we have enough messenger boys to carry our mails”.
In 1955, Variety Magazines were quoted saying “Rock and Roll will be dead and gone within a year” and this was in 1955

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft was in 2007 quoted saying “There is no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share, NO CHANCE”
I could go on and on about famous predictions that went wrong, but come to think about it, what do all these people have in common?, they made educated predictions based upon facts on what the future may or may not hold, only to be proven wrong with time.
Since the beginning of time, all of man’s effort has been directed at one thing and that’s making life easier. Be it in transportation, communication, entertainment and the likes of them. That intension has never changed. The intension has brought about the advert of more convenient inventions which has accelerated the way the world is changing much faster than ever.

One could easily say, if our ancestors were to come to life, there would be seeing a very strange world not known to them. A Heraclitus said a very long time ago, there is nothing permanent here in this world but change and this particular change is driven by technological inventions.
The advert of the aeroplanes and smart phones has made reaching to any part of the world easier like never before. Social network has become a great buzz that has made connecting with your families and extended network so easy and effortless. The internet has and is still making more millionaires and billionaires out there every single day. But like most great things with many advantages, it must carry with it a portion of disadvantages

There is an ongoing worldwide debate on the negative impact that technology have on people and society at large. While there is an element of truth in that, I don’t see any reason to raise alarms, because looking back in time man has always created the very same inventions that will destroy him or render him useless.

There is no debate that the latest tools and machines are rendering millions of people jobless. A kid from God knows where could develop a software that could put your whole industry out of business. Smaller companies are becoming giants while the known giants are going bankrupt. Hi5 was at its peak when Facebook came and took them out of the league, what does Instagram has that Kodak didn’t, what did Samsung did that Nokia didn’t cause Nokia once a giant in the mobile industry was recently bought by Microsoft and the CEO then was quoted saying “we didn’t do anything wrong but somehow we lost”

Gail Sheehy says it all “if we don’t change, we don’t grow and if we don’t grow then we aren’t really living”. IBM Bangis added “life is a race, while you are sitting, there is someone crawling, while you are crawling, there is someone walking, while you are walking, there is someone running and while you are running there is someone running much faster than you are”. Technology could favour you or go against you, the choice is yours.

You can sit in front of your computer all day and rant through social media, with every click you make money, not for yourself but for someone else. With every megabyte of data you spend seeking for ways to justify your situation, again you make money not for yourself but for the network owners.
You can also sit 247 and watch different episodes of your favourite series, well guess what every single actor in that black box called the television is making money with the exception of you who actually pays money to watch them. Don’t get me wrong am not trying to discriminate against entertainment because as humans we need it but I just think you need to moderate it. Try to become creative and think of a cutting edge that could potentially shape the future not only will you live comfortably, you will have your name boldly written in the history books.

History has a way of honouring the so called crazy ones, those ones who don’t accept things as there are but goes an extra mile to create their own reality. The best way to predict the future is to create it… Abraham Lincoln

All am saying is that technological trend of change is here to stay and in the course of trying to tag along the trend you will encounter educated people who will shun and make informed predictions against your idea that couldn’t be further from the truth, don’t ever let them stop you.

See in life, there will be HATERS, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers and then there will be you. PROVE THEM WRONG AND CREATE A BETTER TOMORROW.


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