Bill Gates is an American business magnate, who co-founded Microsoft, the world’s largest personal computer software company. He consistently rank in the top list of the world wealthiest people, he is one of the world best known entrepreneur of the personal computer revolution. He is also the world most generous philanthropist, who has donated over $28 billion to charity. Here are his top 10 rules for success.
Have Energy:
If you are going to start a company you need so much energy that you use to overcome your feeling of risk. At the beginning it’s going to look so scary especially given that you don’t have any experience as in the case for most startups, you are going to make a lot of mistakes but if you have so much energy rushing through you, you will be able to overcome your mistakes and that of your team, you will also be able to guide your team into achieving the desired result because energy is contagious.
Have a Bad Experience:
Bill Gates is a college dropout who dropped out of Harvard. He is called Harvard most successful dropout, which makes him valedictorian of his own special class. He did the best of everyone who failed. Been a dropout helped in bringing the best out of Bill Gates which pioneered him to who he is today. Having a bad experience only means you are trying and not taking the safe part. Having a bad experience often makes us feel bad but deep down its one of the most motivational moment of one’s life. Take an Athlete for example who lost a competition, that is a bad experience cause he will feel very bad but, that bad experience will change him to be a better person next time by working hard to better himself which will lead him to success.
Work Hard:
“Hard work beats it all” in the words of Bill Gates. Despite been the wealthiest person you might think he will spend much of his time sleeping and enjoying life but that isn’t the Bill Gate’s way. He is known to have one of the busiest calendars filled with different meeting during the day time and after that when most people are sleeping he uses his time to replying so many emails which he might have received during the day from people and he uses the weekend to send a lot of mails to different bodies. One can easily say he works 247 every week. Every year he only takes 2 weeks’ vacation which he wouldn’t work, he uses that time to only think about how to make him grow bigger which some of us could also consider as work. So hard work is a key to success.

Create the Future:
Vision is vital to succeeding in this very competitive world. If you want to be successful you have to always think of how to create something that isn’t available at the moment, something that will wow the world and takes it by surprise, you have to be innovative enough to come up with unique ideas that will change the future.

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