Best Quotes to Ease your Entrepreneurial Journey

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The quote “motivation is like bath, so you need it every day” can’t be further from the truth. Many people are now seeing the need to become an entrepreneur and have a passive income as a necessity unlike before when it was considered just something you do if you feel like. People are realizing that entrepreneurship is the key to survive in this ever competitive world that holds just a few office jobs for mostly people that are considered the better-connected. Entrepreneurship is a very high paying lifestyle especially when you have the skills and competence required to excel but It could also be frustrating for many entrepreneurs who are just starting up and sometimes even the ones at the top. Sometimes you might feel like you are stuck and wouldn’t have any idea where the next stream of strength to keep you going will be coming from, TRUST us when we say a little inspiration could help boost you up to tackle your obstacle. Here are five great Quotes every Entrepreneur need to always remember when he/she feel down or stuck in the journey to be a great entrepreneur.

 1. Abraham Lincoln: “Things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle.”

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The patient dog eat the fattest bone, but we here in investodia and a lot of people out there believe that the patient dog only eat the bone that the fastest dog left behind. As an entrepreneur you have to go all out, you cant put one step in and one step out, you won't hit the jackpot doing that. and while you are all in you have to be fast about making decisions especially in the key areas of your business, you competitors are always looking for ways to run you down, you have to make quick decisions and act on those decisions very fast.

2. Karen Lamb: “A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

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Many people talk about trying to start a business but the problem is they get so carried away by their day to day problems and as a result they tend to procrastinate their goal of starting the business. most people will want to wait until all the conditions are perfect before they embark on the journey of greatness but one thing people fail to understand is that there is nothing like the perfect moment cause the moment will never be perfect. when ever you have a goal especially about starting a business, don't waist time planning, although you do need to know what you are going into but always remember that you will get better with time when you are doing it. so just start no matter how small you want to start, just start.

3. Simon Sinek: "Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start".

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On your journey to greatness, always shoot for the stars if you don't get their at least you will land on the moon. Its okay to have big dreams but only if your dreams won't scare you away from them, sometimes our dreams are so so big that we see them as something not achievable for us and as such we get discouraged and abandon them. So if you feel you have the proper mindset to digest your big dreams, then dream big but make sure you start small. Will Smith once said if you want to build a wall, don't set up to build a wall at once because it might not be so good but set your mindset that you will lay each and every brick as perfectly as a brick could be laid and soon you will have a great wall.

4. Scott Belsky, Behance "It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen"

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Almost every single person on this earth you see around you has one or two ideas but the only reason why some go on to see their ideas to realities and others don't is because of the implementation process. its not just about having an ideas, you need to have the proper plan to execute your idea. If its possible be a hustler entrepreneur, one who go after all the ideas that come to him regardless of weather he has the resources to or not, he will always look for a way to bring his ideas to reality.

5. Vivienne Harr Make A Stand: “Stick with it, even on the bad days

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In your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur, times won't always be easy there are days when you will progress and some other days you will get stuck and you might even want to quit in the event. Understand that anything with great value won't come easy and for sure not going to happen overnight. So be patient, enjoy your journey all the ups and the downs. Those are the things that will make the success sweeter.

So like we said earlier motivation is just like taking a bath, we all need it, whenever your road gets rough and things don't seems to click, Having these quotes at the back of your mind will by the special grace of God make your Journey down the line easier and God's willing better. More success ahead.


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