To Be Successful, Be Patient With Your Imperfections

Most people pay attention to their imperfection by comparing themselves to other successful people who do things better than them. To be successful in any business one has to over look his imperfection and be patient with the process of learning. Here is a post to help you overlook your imperfections to focus on becoming more successful...

Mistakes are a part of life.
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It’s true. It’s OK to make mistakes. 
Even though I’m learning and growing daily, life is still challenging. The more I learn, grow and become better, new challenges present themselves to me.
I am learning, over and over again, that being challenged, making mistakes and not knowing what I’m doing is part of life. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
I want to remind myself and you of this by bringing back an old 5 Minute Friday that I originally recorded about a year and a half ago.
I was inspired by a talk given by my good friend Rob Bell.

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