What is network marketing and how is it the business of the 21st century???

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Whenever people here the phrase network marketing they get all skeptical and over protective because of one or two previous bad experience in which they lost or made no money.

Network Marketing is a form of marketing that involves referrals through the word of mouth or often called 'word of mouth advertisement'. For further understanding, imagine going to a store to get a nice pair of jeans, when you wear them and they look good on you, many people will compliment you and probably a few of your Friends might ask where you got them so they could acquire theirs too. When you do that you have indirectly advertised for that particular store unknowingly and you will never get even a thank you note not to talk of getting paid from that store but with a network marketing model, you get paid for every referral you make in the form of commission and in most cases, you also get paid for the referrals you team members make.

 This business model has  been in existence for many years ago and many companies have and are adopting this business model because it saves them so much money which could have been used to  advertise the product. For example, Coca-Cola was reported investing almost 70% of their profit in advertisement, whereas with network marketing model you don't worry about that because your marketing team will do that for you. As an owner your worries will shift from how can i get customers to buy my goods/services to which new product can i introduce that will sell very well.

You might be wondering, if this system is so good, why isn't everyone a network marketer. A simple answer because 'everyone is not meant to be rich' lol. Well the real reason is because there are a lot of people who from seeing how good this business model is have adopted it and are using it as a means to exploit ordinary people like me and you who know little or nothing about the business model. 5 in every 10 people you meet in America and most part of the world have either tried or know someone who is or has been involved in network marketing who lost or made no money. While this is the case you will also meet people who are bloody rich through this system and are making so much money, so why do many people fail in this system and some few people make so much money. Like i said all fingers are not equal better put, Different people go into network marketing with different level of commitment. Network Marketing is a system that  has been known to require so much commitment for whoever wants to make money in this system. 

Why do i call this the business of the 21 century. This business model has never gotten much popularity than it has at the moment, right now many big fortune companies are now adopting the business model, they might call it different names but at the end of the day its still the same system of getting paid by referrals. Many expert see this business to be a business model that in a few years will eliminate the traditional model where companies invest so much in trying to advertise their product. Many companies see this business model as a way for them to save so much money in advertising and in turn invest this very money in trying to improve their product/ service line. In the nearest months ahead, i see nothing but large growth for this very business model and it is also interesting to note that you must not start this business model on a full time basis, it can be done prat time while you still maintain your full time job till you start to make so much money part time to replace your full time job. So exploit the business of the 21st century but also remember before you join any company make sure you do your research and invest time in trying to understand the different compensation plans and work with the one that will suit you the most. 

Thank you for reading, please leave your comments below and if you have any question feel free to ask. THANK YOU


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