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Success in business or whatever venture is something that everyone doing it will want to attain. The objective is to be successful and success doesn't easy. Any time i meet people i tell them success is a life style and in other to attain that level of lifestyle one has to do as the successful people do. Follow their every footstep and do as they do. Imagine you want to travel to a place you have never been before and you also dont know the way to the place. If you say you want to just go about it by yourself it will definately take you a longer time than if you follow the path of someone who has been to that particular place. Success is attainable by everyone, you just have to learn and practice.
Here are a few thing successful people do which if you are to take up the mentality it will really help you in your journey to become successful.


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Are you aware that new businesses are been created every single day with the objective of succeeding in this competitive world but only a hand full of those businesses scale through or survive their first year. This shows you that while it’s fairly easy to come up with a business idea, finding a sustainable, lucrative idea is not as simple. In this article, we’ll go through the steps of how to come up with a business idea that will actually work. We included top tips from entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes and know a thing or two about coming up with a business idea that takes off. 
Step 1: Train Your Mind to Identify Areas of Opportunity There is no real formula to coming up with the next great business idea. The key is knowing how and when to look for good ideas. Your eureka moment can strike at any moment, so you need to be able to recognize it when it comes. Not every idea that you come up with is going to be a good one. The point is to train your brain…


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Why Are You So Afraid of Making a Mistake?

Growing up, every adult you encounter is there to tell you: "Don't Do this" and "Don't Do that". We get smacked for doing what grown-ups feel is "wrong". Constantly striving to "be good" and win their approval. But somewhere along the line, we forget something very important. We can only learn from making mistakes... many, many mistakes.
Take learning piano for instance. How can you possibly learn to play a new piece, if you haven't played it dozens of times, with countless errors in the process? Some pieces may take 20 mistakes to get it right, others may take hundreds of wrong notes before absolute perfection.

You cannot learn anything new until you stop being afraid of getting it wrong.
You can't grow as a human being if you are not constantly learning and pushing yourself. How do you know what you are capable of, if you don't try anything at all? How do you know if…


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You probably know of some startups in your country. Even if you know only a few things about business, you probably know how competitive all markets are. Yet some people are crazy enough to build an innovative business disrupting very competitive markets. That’s what entrepreneurs do.
1. Disrupt Yourself Entrepreneurship, at its core, is a big change, and every change—no matter its size or importance—begins inside of you. You have to initiate it. Successful people initiate proactively. Nobody can help you if you are not ambitious to change and grow.
It’s not an autonomous process. Change happens when you step out of your comfort zone, and it’s not supposed to be easy. In fact, facing uncertainty has always been the hardest part of every success story.
Therefore, to be successful, you have to disrupt yourself first. How?
Fortunately, it can be learned and practiced. According to Whitney Johnson, author and consultant, disrupting yourself involves seven steps:


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To be a successful creator you don’t need millions. You don’t need millions of dollars or millions of customers, millions of clients or millions of fans. To make a living as a craftsperson, photographer, musician, designer, author, animator, app maker, entrepreneur, or inventor you need only thousands of true fans.

A true fan is defined as a fan that will buy anything you produce. These diehard fans will drive 200 miles to see you sing; they will buy the hardback and paperback and audible versions of your book; they will purchase your next figurine sight unseen; they will pay for the “best-of” DVD version of your free youtube channel; they will come to your chef’s table once a month. If you have roughly a thousand of true fans like this (also known as super fans), you can make a living — if you are content to make a living but not a fortune.

Here’s how the math works. You need to meet two criteria. First, you have to create enough each year that you can earn, on averag…


Good day Africa, Here is another great post to help keep your innovative minds into investing in greater ideas... 
The worst form of fear isn’t one that keeps you awake at night staring at the ceiling. It’s not the pounding of your heart against your chest when you run away from danger. It’s the helplessness you feel when you realise you’ll never achieve your goals.
After all, if you repeatedly doubt your abilities, it’s impossible to muster the courage needed to take what you want in life. You resign yourself to fate. You accept the many bad hands the world deals you, and you’re powerless to stop the downward spiral that cuts your ambition short and holds you back forever.
Perhaps no one is more familiar with this debilitating form of fear than Leonard Kim. Now an acclaimed personal branding expert and well-respected marketing authority, he didn’t always enjoy such bright prospects.
In his TEDx Talk Kim details how at 28 years old his life took a turn for the worse. The businesses h…


Hello Africans,
When you were a child, did you ever watch a movie and then reenact your own version of it? Did you ever let your imagination run wild? You were King Kong and you knocked over your little sisters Barbie house? However, then you reached a certain age and it died, didn’t it? The childhood imagination and creativity faded as we learned to be adults.

What is fascinating about childhood is our imaginations are so strong that we can step in and out of vastly different worlds in just seconds. We can change worlds, change people, even change universes at a whim. We can create vastly different dimensions and creators to interact with and these creations are almost real.

As we become adults, our creativity seems to fade and we live our lives rigidly. We base our realities off of the ‘real world’ and all of it’s consequences. The only way we escape it is through what the media feeds us on TV, alcohol, and drugs. Sometimes we escape through sharing in the drama of those around us …

How Big Does My Business Impact Have To Be IN THE 21st CENTURY

Here's some great news: businesses that consciously focus on impact, on making a positive difference, have 12-14 times more income than businesses that just focus on profit.
Impact is not a nice-to-have. It's not an add-on. It's an integral part of your business vision and strategy.
You may be thinking, I'll focus on my impact once I make more money. I can't have impact without more income.

Hello Africa,
The truth is, you don't have to wait for some future "ideal" condition to have impact.
Your plans for impact can be built right into your business from the start. When you do that, not only your impact increases. Your income increases as well.
Focusing on impact has other benefits too:
1. Your decisions are easier. When you make your impact the center of attention for your business, then it's easier to say yes or no to new ideas and prospects. 2. You have focus.
3. You have a greater sense of purpose. Having clarity about the impact that you want…


Whether you are trying to lead a team of employees, teach a child, or even get through your own workday, staying motivated is key. Nonetheless, this isn’t always as easy as waking up and deciding to be motivated.

There’s a lot to know about motivation and what it can offer you – whether you are trying to motivate yourself or others, thus below are some points that are the most important to know:
1. Goals are Crucial
This one might sound like a cliche but you should make sure to set smaller goals on the way to the bigger one. A large project can be intimidating to work on – whether this is a job at work, weight loss goals, or anything else. The best way to keep motivation high is to take these jobs one bite at a time.

2. Give a Reason Why
If someone is working without purpose rather than working toward something, they are bound to lose motivation. After all, why shouldn’t they? On the other hand though, a purpose will make any task easier to accomplish. Think about being given a borin…