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Hello Africans,
When you were a child, did you ever watch a movie and then reenact your own version of it? Did you ever let your imagination run wild? You were King Kong and you knocked over your little sisters Barbie house? However, then you reached a certain age and it died, didn’t it? The childhood imagination and creativity faded as we learned to be adults.

What is fascinating about childhood is our imaginations are so strong that we can step in and out of vastly different worlds in just seconds. We can change worlds, change people, even change universes at a whim. We can create vastly different dimensions and creators to interact with and these creations are almost real.

As we become adults, our creativity seems to fade and we live our lives rigidly. We base our realities off of the ‘real world’ and all of it’s consequences. The only way we escape it is through what the media feeds us on TV, alcohol, and drugs. Sometimes we escape through sharing in the drama of those around us to take our mind off our mundane lives.

Our creativity as a child gave us the power to see past our circumstances and build something better. It allowed us to become any one we wanted to be. Think back to when you learned to skateboard to fit in, or you learned to make fun of others to get ahead? Perhaps you learned how to fight back against the bullies. I learned how to manipulate who I was to fit in at an early age, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned just how powerful this skill would be.

If you could only apply the creativity to dream up various universes and combine it with the ability to mold who we are to get the desired end result, what would our lives be? What could be accomplished? Our abilities would be endless! You can do that, you just have to bring back your childhood wonder.

The best part of being a child is you haven’t been told “you cant” by the world yet.  You haven’t had any heartbreak, life changing disappointment, or you just don’t understand it yet. The main part of childlike wonder which can be used in business is courage, fearlessness, and the willingness to learn.

Think of your business as a totally different world, something that isn’t even real, something that if it didn’t work out it would be ok, now what would you do? What changes would you make? How would your business look today if you ran it knowing 100% for sure everything would work?

Success Always!


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