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Entrepreneurship is an attractive career choice. But many decisions have to be made before launching and managing a new business, no matter its size. Among the questions that need to be answered are:
● Does the individual truly want to be responsible for a business? 

● What product or service should be the basis of the business? 

● What is the market, and where should it be located? 

● Is the potential of the business enough to provide a living wage for its employees and the owner? 

● How can a person raise the capital to get started? 

● Should an individual work full or part time to start a new business? 
Should the person start alone or with partners? Answers to these questions are not empirically right or wrong. Rather, the answers will be based on each entrepreneur's judgment. An entrepreneur gathers as much information and advice as possible before making these and other crucial decisions. 
The entrepreneur's challenge is to balance decisiveness with caution – to be a person of a…


What leads a person to strike out on his own and start a business?, thus becoming an entrepreneur!!! Perhaps a person has been laid off once or more. Sometimes a person is frustrated with his or her current job and doesn't see any better career prospects on the horizon. Sometimes a person realizes that his or her job is in jeopardy. A firm may be contemplating cutbacks that could end a job or limit career or salary prospects. 
Perhaps a person already has been passed over for promotion. Perhaps a person sees no opportunities in existing businesses for someone with his or her interests and skills. Some people are actually repulsed by the idea of working for someone else. 
They object to a system where reward is often based on seniority rather than accomplishment, or where they have to conform to a corporate culture. Other people decide to become entrepreneurs because they are disillusioned by the bureaucracy or politics involved in getting ahead in an established business or professi…

What Makes Someone an Entrepreneur?

Who can become an entrepreneur? There is no one definitive profile. Successful entrepreneurs come in various ages, income levels, gender, and race. They differ in education and experience. But research indicates that most successful entrepreneurs share certain personal attributes, including: creativity, dedication, determination, flexibility, leadership, passion, self-confidence, and "smarts."● Creativity is the spark that drives the development of new products or services, or ways to do business. It is the push for innovation and improvement. It is continuous learning, questioning, and thinking outside of prescribed formulas. 
● Dedication is what motivates the entrepreneur to work hard, 12 hours a day or more, even seven days a week, especially in the beginning, to get the endeavor off the ground. Planning and ideas must be joined by hard work to succeed. Dedication makes it happen. 
● Determination is the extremely strong desire to achieve success. It includes persistence a…


Have you ever watched the movie Titanic and felt this most be the best movie ever and the actors must be the best among the best for pulling such an amazing act. But surfing through the net, you get to realise the actor leonardo dicaprio just recently won his first Oscar after such an amazing work of art, you stay wondering why didn't he win since long time ago. Try putting yourself in his shoes and ask yourself. If you were him, what will keep you going??
At the same time, have you ever started something that you are so into, you feel like giving up on it might be the end of your world but you wake up one morning and one little thing changes everything and makes you start to doubt yourself and thinking is this even for me?. Well in those drowning moment you have to know how to pick yourself up to keep going. Quitting should not be in your vocabulary. Here is a post to help you out if you are facing that drowning moment already.
In life, you just have to keep going, no matter wha…


"If you do nothing else this year -- no matter how busy you are, get the best-selling Paraliminals by Paul R. Scheele"
So simple...
1) Pick the result you want,
2) Pick a CD, and  3) Listen
Then sit back to let the changes happen.
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Dear Friend,

#1 Reason
It takes only 20 minutes There is nothing to study. No extra CDs that you have to plow through. No homework. No exercises. Just take 20 minutes. Listen to a Paraliminal CD and your genius mind will do the rest, almost magically. And best of all, you don't even have to concentrate when listening. After the introduction you can let you…


Brian Tracy is the owner of an international, multi-million-dollar company that specializes in educating people for personal and business success. 
He is also the best-selling author of more than 50 books. I was going through his book 'TIME MANAGEMENT MADE SIMPLE' and i picked out a few point which i want to share with all the African Entrepreneurs. Here are the point, please after reading drop your comment and contributions.
21 Great Ways to Double Your Productivity All successful people are very productive. They simply get things done. So how do you increase your productivity? In this lesson, you learn exactly how to start living more productively, starting with small ideas like increasing your ability to type, and moving on to larger ideas, like re-inventing yourself annually. The Miracle of Self-Discipline Self-discipline is the master key to riches, and the key to self-discipline is to sacrifice immediate pleasure in the present so you can enjoy greater rewards in the future. …