Have you ever watched the movie Titanic and felt this most be the best movie ever and the actors must be the best among the best for pulling such an amazing act. But surfing through the net, you get to realise the actor leonardo dicaprio just recently won his first Oscar after such an amazing work of art, you stay wondering why didn't he win since long time ago. Try putting yourself in his shoes and ask yourself. If you were him, what will keep you going??
At the same time, have you ever started something that you are so into, you feel like giving up on it might be the end of your world but you wake up one morning and one little thing changes everything and makes you start to doubt yourself and thinking is this even for me?. Well in those drowning moment you have to know how to pick yourself up to keep going. Quitting should not be in your vocabulary. Here is a post to help you out if you are facing that drowning moment already.
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In life, you just have to keep going, no matter what happens because nothing good will come if you quit. You need to carry on if you want to reap the rewards. Regardless of where existence leads you, if you give up, you lose and miss every opportunity you never take. So what can you do to persevere?
How do you find the strength to keep moving forward? In what way do you overcome pain, rejection, disappointment or failure? How not to give up when everything seems against you?

To keep going and stay motivated, here are four techniques which I practice to invite more good and positive into your life.

1. Always Welcome the Good Times
Be careful with what you say to your inner-self and others around you when great things happen. Time and again, you might hear yourself say: "Impossible!", "No way!" or "Not true." As an answer to pleasant or good things, you did not expect. Rather say something like "Yes. Thank you. More of it please; so keep it coming my way."

Always remember to be grateful and give credits when due. You should never underestimate the power the words "I am," "I can" and "Yes" do have. Use them again and again while welcoming the good into your life and keep going.

2. Pay Close Attention to Your Feelings
You have to remember that enthusiasm, excitement, happiness, pleasure, and joy are tremendously valuable to you. Breathe every aspect of these emotions deeply into your being and say to yourself: "Yes. I welcome this feeling of bliss. It is who I am."

When you want to stay motivated and keep going, it is essential to tell only people who have the desire to celebrate your successes and victories with you. Do not share your happiness with anyone who is not willing to give you unconditional support and satisfaction for what has happened.

3. Create a Chronicle of Your Successes
Create a chronicle of your victories, successes, favorite memories and positive experiences. Make a combination of photos and notes to reinforce all the emotional memories further. You could also create a photo album dedicated on what you want to remember.

From time to time, you should review these notes and photos, to keep the memories fresh and alive. The emotions of these past experiences are a great resource to keep going and have a positive attitude and outlook. Then picture and visualize a future that is beyond anything you have ever dreamed of or wished for.

4. Be Optimistic and Keep Going No Matter What
You have to know that there will be mountains and valleys and long, endless stretches of rain and sunshine to travel down along the journey ahead. It will not be easy, but it is possible if you carry on.

So, be optimistic and keep going no matter what happens and realize that any dirt that is sticking to your shoes will tumble and fall off along the way.

Pick up your feet and move on. Use the example of many successful people before you who are an excellent example of what the human spirit can achieve if you never give up but persist, and keep moving, no matter how slow you go. Therefore, keep going and do not stop until you get to the finish line.

So here you have it, no matters the adversities that you face which might make you consider your condition to keep going you should remember the point ahead because some day you will look back and thank God that you didn't give up. Wish you the very best in life and remember Africa is a virgin continent, regardless of the development there are more and more opportunities for you to explore and succeed, like my dad will always say 'There is enough food to go round the table'.


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