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Looking at this topic subjectively one can clearly say the answer to the question is hard-work, but at the same time there are debates from different people who tend to think that richness comes through luck and that no matter how hard someone work he will not get rich if he is not lucky enough. I have had this argument with so many people but despite the variations in opinion, one thing was clear, hard work must be involved no matter the factors that aids for one’s uplifting towards getting rich. There must be an atom of want and desire which will inherently push one into achieving a dream in life

According to Mark Zuckerberg, allowing it to impose on you is uncalled for. You don’t have to be phlegmatic in other to be a perfect Christian. One major reason poverty is on the increase is when we believe that we’re not in control. Which as a result, makes us dormant. We fold our arms and wait for manner to fall from above, or for a billion dollar car to mysteriously come up from the ground. NAH. One principle that every great entrepreneur knows is that, we shape the world.

The future is as a result of our decisions and actions. There’s no one controlling your life or career from a control room. You make your destiny through your works. Rare incidents do happen which we usually attributed to miracles or luck; that however doesn’t mean we should fold arms and wait for such rare phenomenon in other to hit it big. It exist, but must we wait for it? Most choleric entrepreneurs don’t like the idea that they are not in control of their life. They work hard toward achieving whatever target, having in mind that its realization lies within them.

My favorite quote has always been; ‘Success is not by accident ‘. It’s not something that comes about by random incident nor does opportunity grabs you into utilizing its benefits. You make them happen.. Wealth comes as a result of seeing an opportunity and grasping it when it’s still green, when the gold liquor is still within. You make it by tapping into opportunities. Sometimes when the opportunity refuse to present itself, you create it.
This reminds me the advent of the computer anti-virus. A team of programmers needed a way to make money.. There were no gigs, no contract.. The opportunity to make money wasn’t there. They had to create a virus that’s capable of altering computer functionalities. Later on, they created an anti-virus as a solution to the problem they created. Today, they earn billions of dollars each time you renew your anti-virus software.
Sometimes, we don’t always wait for an opportunity.. We create it!
What has destroyed many individuals in business is when they attribute failure to unseen forces. They spend time and energy battling their own shadow. The business world is ruled by rules.. Sometimes you play by the rules and get to your destination.. Some other time, you’ve to bend the rule a bit to make a difference. In rare cases, you completely break the rules and make an impact that will never leave the sand of time.
I’ve seen Atheist who are among the richest in the world. I have seen Muslims who are billionaires. I’ve seen Christians who have made so much money in business. The business world is not ruled by faith or beliefs, its ruled by rules. Wealth is as a result of series of decision, choice, planning and hard work. The initial stage of entrepreneurship is hell. This is the most scariest factor that has made many prospective entrepreneurs employees, but if you hold on and keep pushing further and further, It starts to get easier. It’s when you have passed the stage of infant establishment will you know that making money is the easiest thing to make.
It doesn’t matter your religious belief. It’s not about blessing or curse.. It’s about you charging forth to make things happen. It’s about you striving to make a difference.
Let me ask you; is wealth by hard work or blessing?. Please leave your comments below. 
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