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Being an entrepreneur, is a very stressful endeavor at the same time lonely especially at the point of launch. At the beginning of your business you are normally the captain of your ship and will be obligated to handle almost everything by yourself, including the promotions, making sure the product/service is well in place, virtually everything. That is more-than stressful for anyone to handle.
When i started my first business, it was a network marketing business and many times i use to feel like screaming at the top of my voice, but at-least in that line of business i had an up line i could mostly talk to. Sometimes we want to take a break and rest, but we just can’t help it but work even harder. What about this blog? This blog might look very small, but trust me, it’s a typical example of stress. Most of my colleagues think that I’m in heaven. They make remarks like; “IBM doesn’t have a problem. It’s just to type and he will earn”
Am also writing a book, at the moment am the only person going about my book because i have never written a book before, so no one will come around seeking to help me and mostly like that for most start up endeavors. Imagine the stress
I was able to read through some books and found ways in which any entrepreneur, starting up and established can deal with stress and i have summarized them into 5 bulletin points...


This is the hardest part and it takes discipline to make it happen. Currently, running this blog have not being easy. Replying to mails, whatsapp messages, calls.. Helping people startup their business can be stressful. Sometimes I feel like I’m working as a customer care agent because of the magnitude of calls I receive. You know what I do? I set a boundary. If I don’t, that means I will keep replying to messages all day long. I might not even have time to prepare my next article. So, set boundaries. Know when to work and when not to. Set a time and stick to it.
Entrepreneurs like me sometimes feel like working 24 hours a day. This usually happen when we’re passionate to seeing our dreams become a reality. Entrepreneurship can be adventurous sometimes, some other time, it can become depressing and stressful. One of the ways you handle stress when it comes is by taking a break. This can be hard, especially when there are works begging for our attention. To deal with stress, we need to learn how to say NO and take a break.


The easiest way to get stressed is to work alone, without help. I’m planning on hiring writers soon, writers who dream of making impact through writing. That will take effect from next year January. At least, I will have more time for myself.. If your business can afford it, please employ some hands.. That’s the best way to deal with stress as an entrepreneur. Doing all the work alone is a sure route to getting overwhelmed and stressed. When you’re stressed, you perform below per and you really won’t like that.


When you’re stressed or depressed, taking a run can improve your mood tremendously. Research has it that partaking in any kind of exercise secretes a hormone responsible for happiness. If you find yourself, struggling to get things done as a result of stress, please get up and run around. You’ll be amazed at the improvement in your mood.


When all the above have failed, this will never fail. Stress is just another way the body communicate with us, telling us to embrace our soft cozy bed and let it all go. Take a cold shower, hit the bed and dream like you’ve never done before. When you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take over the world. Honestly, that’s the easiest way to deal with stress. I’m a testifier.
Being stressed is perfectly normal, but it is not normal if we dwell on it for long. Whether as an entrepreneur, an employee, a student or whatever you are, learning how to deal with stress should be your uttermost priority. When we refuse to deal with it, it grows to depression which can be very bad. If after all the above tips and yet, you still couldn’t get yourself out of that ugly rut, perhaps you need to confide in a trusted person. Sharing how you feel might just be what you need. Let me ask you, how do you deal with stress? Which technique works best for you?
So Here you go, this point might not take out all the stress in you but at-least if applied right, it should be able to help subside your stress while you go on to life achieving your dreams. Wish you nothing but success.
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  1. Very helpful and well summarized. 👍

    1. Thank you sir. We really appreciate your comment. Please whenever you can feel free to drop your suggestions or recommendation to serve u better


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