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I want to start this post with this quotes, cause they are a lot of you who do window shopping on post by not reading all its content and then later go on to post comment of how unhelpful the post is, here is the quote...
'Someone who is too lazy to be rich will never read a long epistle. That’s fact. One key factor you must know about poor people is; they are too lazy to read'. – Henry Ibeleme
Jack Ma, the richest man in China said, “If you put bananas and money in front of monkeys, monkeys will choose bananas because monkeys do not know that money can buy a lot of bananas.”
That is the case with poor people. Place a job and a business, you will see the average poor person going for the job. They do not know that business brings more money than wages. Whenever I talk about poor people, I talk about their lame poor mindset and sometimes, it fuels the hatred I have for them. I hate them with passion. Sometimes I feel ashamed being in same class of specie as human. One of my student asked me recently on facebook.
“Sir, why do you hate poor people a lot? It always show on your facebook updates.”
Truth is, I don’t hate poor people. I only hate the poor person’s mentality. I can’t even stay a minute with them. Their reasoning repulses me a lot. It disgust me. It’s not that I’m too proud or egoistic, I just can’t stand them.
In this article, you’ll get to know the reasons why the poor in our society will always remain poor. If you like, dash them a million dollars, you’ll see them in rags a year later. Being poor or wealthy is not about having money, it’s the mindset. It’s all in the mind.



Suli Break said, “if there be a family tree, school should be a distant cousin.” If you’ve been an avid reader of this blog, you’ll get to know how much I hate school. When we talk about education, school should never be mentioned in that discussion. It’s an insult!
Poor people think that school will save them from poverty. They think that by going to the best school, bagging the highest degree, then wealth is assured. In the end, they get stuck running the rat race. School taught them to cram facts and figures instead of financial intelligence. School punish them whenever they fail, whereas that’s the secret to success in life. Frankly speaking, school is the cause of the Great Depression.
When the poor person hit the real world after graduation, they discover that life was the direct opposite of what was exhibited in the classroom. For example, you have to work as a team to survive the real world. The school however programs you to work alone and in competition. If you work with a team, you’re a cheat. School teaches you to be an employee, whereas employees are literally in hell on earth. School wants you to be a specialist, to narrow it down. My dear, school have inflicted an irreversible harm.
The more they earn as an employee, the more they spend. They had no financial education cause school knows nothing about that. How can employees who depend on the government for their monthly paycheck teach you financial education? How can they teach you the concept of money? That’s why I respect some teachers and lecturers that have other means of income. Their class is always different from those who relies only on salary.
When the poor fail to be rich, they drum the same old boring poem to their children, “Go to school, graduate with first class and get a well-paying job” thereby breeding forth a generation of people who are mentality and financially poor. The school has totally lost it.
I’m sure you’re asking,
“What about these professional courses like medicine, engineering etc.? They need school in other to be equipped. The society needs them cause they are very important.”
I’m not saying that school isn’t good, I’m only after redefining your purpose of going to school and taking a path to financial education. School teaches you to be a specialist in a field, I teach you how to be a generalist cause that’s what is needed to be the boss.
I have a doctor friend who’s a generalist. He is supposed to be a specialist, why a generalist? That’s because he escaped the matrix. Despite being a doctor, he’s into forex trading, real estate business and a writer. Through financial education, he was able to be the boss by diversifying his means of income. That is what school will never teach you.. You get to escape this matrix when you start questioning norms. Majority of school products hates risk. They’d rather stay comfortable with a monthly pay job than delve into business online or offline. If I’m to talk about the flaws in our school system, especially here in Nigeria, this article won’t be enough. It will come out as a book.


I remember when I was still little, we were brought up to believe that the rich are greedy, occutic and evil. When they visit the village for the first time with their car, things like;
  • “Who knows how many babies he had to kill before he get the car”
  • “He has started pushing drugs “
  • “He’s into internet fraud 
They don’t even bother to know the source, they already know the answer and as thus, stays as far away from the rich.
Look closely, you’ll discover that the poor kids find it hard to play with kids from rich homes. They have been unconsciously taught to isolate them.
In the real sense, the poor feels comfortable and safe to roll with the poor. The networks of a poor person is filled with poor people. That’s why they will forever remain poor in our society. For me, I don’t waste my time with poor people. I make connections with billionaires, those who are far better than me. I know I’m selfish. Thank you.


When the rich wants to learn about a business, he picks up a book to read and learn. They follow top business blogs or magazines all in a bid to widen their horizon of what they already know. Reverse is the case with a poor person. Instead of having a big library, they have a big television. They only read unless it’s mandatory like academic or religious books. Who I am today is because of the books I read five years ago.
Through reading, you shade away the poor persons mentality. I was born in a poor home. My dad struggled financially despite numerous salary increments and promotion. The problem wasn’t because he had no money, he lacked simple financial education, an education that will teach him how to make money work for him, not working for money.
Because of ignorance, he became a slave and kept working for money. He’d rather read religious books that consoles him and promise him paradise, than read books that will redeem him from poverty here on earth. Through reading, I was able to get myself immune to the poor person’s mentality. If I hadn’t been a reader, he would have infected me no doubt.
Today, I make money doing nothing. That’s the result of years of reading and learning. Poor people see reading as a waste of them. They’d rather chat on social networks than pick up books like;
  • “The richest man in Babylon”
  • “Rich dad poor dad”
  • “Think and grow rich” etc..
These are books that if read, will transform your life and mindset for ever.


Do you know that over 80% of poor people are religious fanatics? To them, they’d rather be poor on earth and be rich in heaven. They believe that by paying tithes in church, that blessings and miraculous money will fall down from above. Honestly, their religious leaders aren’t helping at all.
These con men on suits believe they need tithe while the members needs prayers. These con men are on paradise here on earth, but their members are in hell. These con men need money, their members need prayers and prophesy. The poor person loves the Sunday motivation, that paradise is coming. They love hearing so much about the afterlife that they have forgotten the present.
When others are working, they are in churches, shouting for manner to fall from above. Truly, the poor believe in fairytale. One of my motto in life is “If you want it, go get it.
Yes.. You can make it happen. Stop waiting for a God to come down from heaven. You make it happen. If Bill Gate can make it, If Jack Ma can make it, then you can. These men aren’t even Christians, yet they made it.
Cut down the time you spend in church and increase the time you spend on your dream. Find out a business, learn about it and begin.


A person can be a professor and still be poor, that’s because he still see the world as a classroom. If you try to teach them otherwise, you’re on a long thing. How dare you teach or correct a highly intellectual being like that? Because of tons of useless academic garbage they have read, they feel like a god. They have built explosive membrane around their mind, they can never allow anything that contradicts with what they already know slip in. They are always available to debunk any claim using jargons they have not even practiced.
They do well as employees, as specialist in professional fields like engineering, medicine, law etc. Because their education was incomplete, they keep having money problems. Have you ever wondered why that so-called bright classmate of yours is struggling? I know a lot of people, who were the Albert Einstein of our time in school. Meet them today and you’ll see someone who’s intelligent but poor. It’s not the witches in the village, it’s the mindset. Because of their colossal academic knowledge, they stop learning cause they believed they have known all.
I promised myself, no matter how much I learn or read, I will never be too proud to learn. Warren Buffet said, “The more you learn, the more you earn” The poor are poor cause they have stop learning.
Those are a few points which i think should help you in attaining wealth in life. But guys, on a serious note, we are all aware that no one wants to be poor but still we have alot of poor people in our society. Many of us will associate that to destiny and say that God has destined for one to be poor, but i want you to remember that God encourages us to go out and strive to be successful so we can help one another, dont do all the wrong things you are not suppose to do and then go on saying its God. God gave you the brain to think, so use that brain well, come back every day to this blog and we can assure you of amazing ways that will help you in life. As always we wish all our readers a more successful life and dont forget to post your comments and share this post on social media with your friends, it could be your means of changing people's lives.



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