IBM Bangis
IBM Bangis is back with yet another exciting project called change, Change is his latest installment in his collection of spoken word/motivational videos. The video revolves around the subject matter of CHANGE. How people want change but don't want to change. People are very much averse to change.The irony is everybody want the change but nobody is willing to make a change because no one wants to leave their comfort zone.

To make change happen, one has to work, one has to plan, execute and it will require time & effort which offcourse is not everybody's priority. The prime factor which influence change includes the person's courage, no control on future, more work,threat and may be everything may become failure in the middle. And because of uncertainty involved it becomes general tendency to avoid change. It also involves a psychological part of human behaviour.
Change wakes us to consciousness, something difficult, something out of daily routine, looking into the future and a departure from the existing life to different way of living life. 
They say change is constant So let there be some change. Let your life take a natural turn. Be spontaneous. Be alive. Be fun. Be the magic you want in your life. Be the change you want to see in the world. Accept the fact that things will not always be the way you want them to be. There will always be things beyond your control. Get up and welcome a change in your life. Leave behind the doom and infuse a new life. 

Here is the content of its lyrics...

Now, I have been pondering a lot about change, a very simple yet intellectual concept that we all want but not willing to pay the price for, strange ain’t it?, how we want change but not willing to change ourselves for the change. See I could go on and on with easy rhythms but am not here to let loose of words that rhythms with change, only an agent for change to help exchange your fear for change for your will to change so you can rearrange your life for a better. I know it tickles, so I will take it simple.

The desire for change is the second strongest feeling every human being possess behind love, it’s the very feeling behind our wanting to travel to new places, wear new cloths, taste new food, drive new cars, experience new things, meet new people and in general, have a new life.
I have never met anyone who doesn’t want change in their lives but rarely have I met people who want to change to see the change in their lives,


Meet anyone on the street and ask them about the changes they want to see, most people could go hours talking about those changes but twist the tale a bit and ask them what they are doing to get those changes. They will be staring at you like a grade two student who just got asked a high school math question.
See it’s easy to go crying like town criers about our problems but the questions is what are we doing to solve them? It’s like the more time passes, the softer we get as people, and we have changed from an independent species to a dependent species who have become very talented at the art of blaming others for our lacks of progress. It’s funny how millions of people, and this is the same in every country are looking at one central power which is usually the president or the king to bring about the change in their lives. We have changed from people who use to ask ‘What can I do to help’ to people who now ask ‘what will you do for me’ Most people admire the end result of change but view the risk of change as greater than the risk of standing still.

Am sure most of you are probably concluding here comes another kid from Africa trying to make name for himself. But before you shot me out, I just hope you will let me express my outmost desire, that got me inspired, rewired and require me to enquire about the entire fight for change that has now backfired making most of us retire till our time expires.

Like I said, I have been pondering, at the same time wondering why we put all our hopes on a change of regime to bring about the change in our lives, the mentality is the equivalent of depositing a specific amount of money into your bank account, returning home to your bed and expect it to double itself in the shortest period of time, your vote is the deposit.

And let’s just pretend for a second that the change of regime could bring about the change in our lives. When we vote a regime we go on crying as if change is just a press of a button away And what’s ironic is that most times we don’t even know the change we are so craving for, Because if we did, Libya will not be in the situation they are right now, Iraq wouldn’t have voted for the change they did and the world power wouldn’t have organised the most recent change of regimes which resulted in wars and led to the increased number of refugees around the world.

Don’t get me wrong am not asking that you resist change, am just urging that you become well informed about the changes you claim you want before you go seeking for them.
See I believe that to bring change, you got to see change miles away from the distance future, welcome change, accommodate change, live change and then you will be changed.

Talking about been change, I just had a long argument with my costume manager about my choice of clothing for this video. He brought a few suggestion ranging from suit & tie, jeans & polo shirt with sneakers but I told him that I want change, as an agent of change, I have got to change in everywhere I can, to cut the story short he said he wants no credit for my dress in this video.

See wanting change is just and expression, to get change, you’ve got to be changed.
Lately I get lost in the gears of my thought and it makes me wonder…

What if the world was just a little bit better?

What if there was food and water security?

What if there was security and better education for everyone?

What if there was better opportunities and employment for everyone?

These are just what ifs and when we place change and what if in the same sentence, we make it look almost as if it were a dream, something that is too far away to reach, thus making us place our guns on safety towards change, letting change slide by, in essence steering clear away of change.
But right now time is of the essence and clearly change is in my message. This piece should be the guidance to help you science out a balance between wanting change and getting change in abundance, so thanks to all my audience and remember, change is not a press of a button away but it’s also not too far from reach.


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