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Is Entrepreneurship the Answer to Obsolete Education System?

It is a fallacy that start-ups have some kind of a monopoly, and that entrepreneurship is an exclusive domain only for the privileged few. Entrepreneurship is open for all; today it has become important in all spheres of life. An entrepreneur’s job is not merely to think for himself but to solve problems of the world. In this digital age, everyone needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset because opportunities are aplenty. For instance, in the realm of entertainment with the emergence of various platforms like Netflix and games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush and others; we are at a juncture where in, we are competing against the time not only among ourselves. If you are not making something fun, innovative, competitive and good enough to lure the masses why would anyone give you his or her precious time, when the market is flooded with so many products of similar kind? Thus, it is imperative to create good experiences and pay attention to the qualitative aspects. One has to adopt a diff…


Entrepreneurship, simply put, is taking the risk of running your own business. In the case of Nigeria, young Nigerians have to brave quite a myriad of challenges before they can actually float their businesses. This, however, has discouraged aspiring Nigerians to shelf their entrepreneurship dreams. Unknown to them, being an entrepreneur does not mean you must have a brick and mortar store. You can run your entire business online – thanks to Internet penetration. Jumia has proven that direct and indirect jobs can be created via e-Commerce. It has empowered thousands of Nigerians to run their businesses through various initiatives like the Jumia J Force Sales Consultancy, Jumia Vendor Hub, Jumia University, and many others. So, when it comes to job creation, you do not need to wait for the government. The government only needs to create an enabling environment, while the private sector and entrepreneurs will provide the much-required employment. Moreover, being an entrepreneur is a reliable …

5 Vital signs you are infected with 'ENTREPRENEURSHIP'

Imagine yourself at the beginning of the school year, selecting your course load for the semester. Your favorite subject is offering two courses. The first option is easy -- you already know most of the material and you can coast through the class to get an A, no problem. The second course is more challenging and will require that you push yourself -- it’s not a guaranteed A, but you will learn a lot and if you hustle hard, you’ll earn the grade. So, which course do you take? If you chose the second course, chances are you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit. You’re a doer, don’t back down from a challenge and chase success through hard work. It tends to be an all-consuming and admirable trait, and one people celebrate each August 21 on World Entrepreneurs’ Day. Here in Silicon Valley, it seems those leaders are everywhere, drawn to one another and our incubative city for its challenge and opportunity. In my experience, these leaders want to solve big problems, inspire and be inspired, an…

Entrepreneurship Sucks

The process of becoming an entrepreneur could be very stressful and depressing especially for a new comer entrepreneur. But even with that there’s no denying that entrepreneurs are the new rock stars. Many people have given up this journey to be successful in entrepreneurship and some who still stick to it will tell you that it sucks. Part of that reason is because most people get into the van as ignorant who want to learn, learning in this type of competitive reality can be mind bugging. We are bombarded with exciting tales of overcoming adversity on the road to success and the message is often that you too could quit your day job, launch a successful venture and reap the multi-million-dollar rewards. Here’s a reality check on things you need to know before you jump on the van.
The fact is that three out of four venture-backed startups fail. Why? Because founding a company is harder than most of us imagine. Behind the glamorous image of entrepreneurship lies a rollercoaster of epic hi…


It is logical to understand that in most families, Emotions serve as the pillars of almost all relationships In a Business or Enterprise, however, it is Economics which defines relationships! Emotions & Economics are evidently, opposites of each other.  Apart from the first letter, these two words hardly have anything else in common.  ‘Emotions’ are feelings of the heart  …while ‘Economics’only understands that which is rational and supported by valid theories. Interestingly, family businesses, are a unique combination of both, Emotions and Economics! This is why they are rather a delicate form of Enterprise.  Undoubtedly, they hold huge potential, but they also tend to become more & more fragile  …with time.  Family Businesses and India Surprisingly enough, family businesses make up between 80% to 85% of the world’s GDP and fund 85% of all start-ups across the globe! Not so surprisingly, however, the rate at which family businesses die out is alarmingly fast. 70% of family business…