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Guidelines to internet content based Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship, a term almost all of us are aware of. As per the Oxford dictionary, entrepreneurship can be defined as “the activity of making money by starting or running a business.” So, the idea of what this term is is pretty clear. A single fact throws much of what we think we understand about entrepreneurship into confusion: over 90% of successful entrepreneursmake less money than other people who perform similar tasks and similar responsibilities, even after ten years of running their business. For example, an entrepreneur who owns a restaurant will most likely make less money over ten years than a person who manages a restaurant of a comparable size. This leads to a curious paradox: Entrepreneurship, as a powerful engine of job creation, is an important economic activity, but economics can’t help us understand it—or even make sense of it. Entrepreneurship is first and foremost a social phenomenon, not an economic one. In my experience, most entrepreneurs are not motivated prima…

Best TIP i have ever gotten as a Waitress at Entrepreneurial Cafe.

How one entrepreneur learned to turn a no into a yes.I often reflect on how lucky I am to have been taught, early on, the two most valuable words in business: just ask. As an entrepreneur who felt in over my head and unqualified to take on the roles I did (and do), asking became my magic. And it’s damn addictive. Once I started to realize that asking leads to yes far more than it leads to no, it became a habit for me, fueled confidence, and led to self-fulfilling outcomes. One of my favorite “just ask” stories came early on when I was building my marketing and communications firm, Prosek Partners. We were in a high-profile competition for a new piece of business. We did so well in the first round that we were told, “You’re going to get it. You just have to pass muster with the founder.” The partner who delivered that news was named Andrew. He reinforced how impressed he was and how good the chemistry was between our teams. But unfortunately, at the meeting with the founder, we froze. He …