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Contributed by Naval Goel The term' entrepreneur' is obtained from the French verb' entreprendre,' which implies' to start.' This relates to those who' carry' the threat of new businesses. An entrepreneur creates an enterprise. The creation process is called, 'Entrepreneurship.' Entrepreneurship is both the analysis of the creation of new companies and the actual practice of commencing a new business – the word is used interchangeably. Entrepreneurship is a method of an entrepreneur's behaviour who is an individual always searching for something fresh and putting such thoughts into gainful possibilities by embracing the company's threat and uncertainty. Who is an Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is a person who establishes a new business, carries most of the risks, and enjoys most of the benefits. The entrepreneur is generally seen as a visionary, a source of new thoughts, products, facilities and processes. In any industry, entrepreneurs play a…


These days increasing number of small businesses has an online presence. They believe that the importance of using the website is crucial to increase sales. Trading with online small business is a cheaper and an effective way to earn new customers on the website. This article will give you a step by step guide to building your online business or expanding an existing business online.
Unfortunately, many small businesses are underdeveloped in realizing the potential of starting an online business. Many of them even think that starting an online e-commerce site and business is a daunting task. But the fact is that online trading is easy and uncomplicated task to do if you are focused. Most importantly, doing online business is also a less expensive due to fewer overheads. Your profit margin increases manifold as there is no agency and physical store or office to maintain. There are cases where people started a business online from scratch. The popularity of online business and ease of star…

Entrepreneurship and the Middle class

Hope and opportunity are the currency of a growing middle class and the foundation of the American Dream. Entrepreneurship can help cultivate this. And yet, as our economy and society have drifted into a greater divide between haves and have-nots, we have seen our middle class shrink. We have seen our politics become divisive as we look for easy answers and all go to our own corners and reinforce our own views.
Entrepreneurship most directly benefits the middle class by being the driving force for net new job creation in our country. There is also great civic improvement when new local small businesses are able to open, both for the entrepreneurs themselves and the surrounding community. This sense of freedom is a critical part of what makes the middle class prosper Part and parcel with the decline of the middle class, which can be traced to the last several decades, we’ve lost a lot of industry competition. We’ve lost a lot of our ability to start new businesses. And the middle class h…


Africa is a really blessed continent where investors can get amazing return on their investment if and only if they can come up with a perfect system that will suite the needs of Africans. Africa has a population of almost close to a billion people, your market can not get bigger than this. One of the major problem that hinders people from investing in Africa is knowing the right business idea to invest in, this is more so especially to oversea investors who want to invest in the continent. You may not fully understand the African market but one things that might attract you is the huge market opportunity the black continent offers. Investodia will bring you some business ideas to invest in if you want to do business in any part of Africa. Amongst these ideas are:
1. Food Processing & Agriculture: As the world’s population increases rapidly (recently exceeding the 7 billion mark), global agricultural production must rise to feed these growing numbers. Much of that increased agricul…