5 Amazing advice to help you in Business and in Life

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Over the years, I have heard people give amazing advice to upcoming and inspiring entrepreneurs to help them in their journey, among them are these 5 keys advice that i think will not just help people in business but also in the ordinary works of life.
Below are 5 amazing advice am sure will help us all. if you enjoy this article after reading please ensure to share it with your loved ones. Thank you in advance.

1. Time is the most valuable thing you have

My father, was my first and best mentor. He taught me to analyze my day on a dollar-a-minute basis. Every day, I examine the week ahead. I evaluate where to dedicate my time before moving things around. I ask, “How long will this take? What’s my upside? What’s the opportunity cost?”
I turn down free equity in people’s businesses every day because they want too much of my time: a weekly one-hour call, a monthly face-to-face meeting, a quarterly retreat. But it’s a startup. If it makes $1 million in three years, I’ll get 5 percent, which is $50,000. The math isn’t worth it.
I recently acquired 2 million shares of stock in a public company, trading at 60 cents a share. They only asked for a quarterly board meeting — two in person. The upside made it worth my time.

2. Humbly say yes

My mentor taught me, “The world likes inertia. It loves to say no. As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to keep saying yes and create the change that the world doesn’t yet know it needs. Don’t expect any thanks or pats on the back. Seeing the change you helped shepherd will be enough reward in itself.”


3. Don’t get in your own way

The advice I’ve carried throughout my career is, “Three things bring great people down: fear, greed and ego.” If you look back at the downfall of any leader throughout history, you’ll find they exhibited at least one of these traits, if not all of them.
Vinnie Viola, a man who beat the odds by becoming a self-made billionaire after growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, and whose father was a truck driver, told me this one night over a drink while we were in Austin. His advice guided me to make some of the most successful business partnerships by focusing my efforts on people who are level-headed, generous and humble. And I too strive to exhibit these qualities in my own life.

4. Be very careful how you spend the first and last two hours of each day

My closest mentor — one of the most successful leaders in the financial industry — gave me this tidbit early in my career: “Most people wake up reactively, adhering to the world’s needs, not their own.” In a world of unlimited communication, people don’t disconnect from society to analyze their lives.

The first two hours of your day should be spent aligning your short-term efforts with your long-term goals. I wake up during the week at 3:30 a.m., taking the time to meditate and read for 20 minutes. Then I spend an hour doing an intensive workout like circuit training or hiking.
The last two hours of your day dictates your energy for the next day. I spend an hour studying or learning a new skill, and the last hour planning my next day.
Learn to work harder on yourself than your job.

5. Think big; don’t be afraid to be bold

Becoming an entrepreneur takes you from making a nice salary to suddenly raising or juggling budgets worth the same amount. Your scale completely changes. At times, it’s terrifying to think of the risk taken with the money you could have lived off for a long time.

One of the investors in my first company, who was a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses, pushed me to scale quickly and not waste time on building things slow. His advice: “Think big; don’t be afraid to do bold things that will put your ideas and business on the map.”
It pushed me to try bold strategies that still pay off today. Whether it’s investing in a new product that generates press buzz or betting on an expensive employee who will pay off with dividends, “not afraid to think big” became my mantra.




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