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Modification to Entrepreneurship

Getty Images We often talk a good game in the world about how entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon.  In the last week of October, we lived it. Headlined by Bill gates, the Microsoft giant drew some of the biggest names in technology together with more than 1,200 entrepreneurs from 170 countries, government leaders and Silicon Valley executives to Stanford University to put a spotlight on expanding entrepreneurship around the globe. From the start, the call was for championing entrepreneurship to help reduce global tensions and demonstrate a different path for youth living in troubled regions. We don't often enough connect the bottom line to efforts to make a safer world.  I applaud Gates call to action for this next generation of entrepreneurs, and those in the current generation, to support them. Gates proposed that the young entrepreneurs focus on three "generational challenges":  creating education tools to excite youth who may be at risk of radicalization, build…